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All components below are copyrighted: © 2024: Stephen Kelliher. All rights reserved.

001 The Inner Realms (rev 0)

002 Game Components (rev 2)

003 Rulebook (rev 4)

004 Terminology Sheet (summary sheet, rev 2)

005 Actions Sheet (summary sheet, rev 2)

006 Controlling Enemies Sheet (summary sheet, rev 1)

007 Character Blocks for Ready-to-Play Heroes

008 Race & Role/Equipment Starting Blocks (rev 1)

009 Hero Console (rev 2)

010 Game Mat (rev 1)

011 Item List (Summary Table of all Weapon, Armour & General Item cards)

012 Cards - Weapon, Armour & General Item cards (rev 3)

013 Cards - All Spells (6 Arcane, 6 Holy & 6 Nature, rev 4)

014 Cards - Sample Rooms, Passages & Core Enemies

015 Hero Data (table of heroes' equipment & achievements)

016 Enemy Grid App (dice roller for enemies)

017 Roll For It App (dice roller for RFI)

Summary of Battle-Axe Updates

26 Apr 2024: Made minor updates to the spell cards described in the file above.
25 Apr 2024: Combined the Weapon/Armour cards and the General Item cards in into a single file. Other minor tweaks made to these cards as described in the file above.
22 Apr 2024: Uploaded Cards - Weapon, Armour, General Item & Spells plus Sample Rooms, Passages & Core Enemies and added copyright wording added above.
15 Apr 2024: Uploaded the Battle-Axe files to this page for the first time. All created with Excel.

Other Games

00a Codenames - my Rules for Two-Player version

00b Catan - my Rules for Two-Player version