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029 Urban Myth

028 Music to My Ears

027 Library of Self Love

026 Not So 'Squeaky Clean'

025 Dark Humour

024 Books from a Brothel

023 Horny

022 Cheesy Grin

021 No Sacking

020 Fighting Talk

019 Fuzz Free

018 Hard to Swallow

017 Hook, Line and Sinker

016 To the Point

015 Miscommunication

014 Fun Guy

013 Politically Incorrect

012 Poorly Proportioned

011 Straight to the Point

010 Feeling Pooped

009 Oh, Joy

008 Looking Rope

007 Bumpy Ride

006 Low Hanging Fruit

005 Tits Up

004 Stage Fright

003 Streuth Sport

002 Wolfie

001 Hello Dolly