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Who Am I & What Is This All About?

Hello traveller of the web.

Who Am I?

I’m Steve K, I live in the UK and I’m a long-time gamer with a love of games and jokes.

I have played Heroquest, Advanced Heroquest, Warhammer, Mordheim, D&D, Pathfhfinder and Zombicide Black Plague – spot the theme?

I also dabble with Neverwinter Nights, the online D&D game: I play a bard with a host of one-liner jokes!

As a boy I enjoyed drawing cartoons but I got myself educated, raised a family and landed a responsible job. However I never really grew-up (who wants to?) and so I have now returned to my original loves – fantasy, cartoons and word-play.

What Is This All About?

I love a good joke. However I have searched the web for fantasy jokes and there are few original ones – most people simply cheat by taking a traditional joke and replacing with fantasy characters. I try not to do this - my cartoons are from my own, surreal mind! 

The cartoons range from silly through to risqué - I hope not to offend (too much).

I hope that the cartoons will bring a smile to your face

The Future

I have a back-catalogue of jokes (yes, really, it’s an affliction!) that I have written over the years.  I will ‘cartoon’ and upload them on an ongoing basis. Think of it as like water torture – a steady drip, drip, drip until you can’t take any more! My aim is to issue 1 per week, typically on a Sunday.

I ran a successful Kickstarter in 2018 for the book “The Pun Master’s Guide” which is now available in ebay.

As the astronomer said to his apprentice - “watch this space”.